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No-till spraying Hardi claims that its new Commander 1200 120-ft. Force sprayer combines the best of Danish and American technology to deliver optimum spraying flexibility, strength and durability for high-speed, no-till spraying.

The sprayer's cushioned ride is provided by the adjustable, parallel-link arm suspensions with the company's trapeze self-stabilizing feature, where trapeze arms, coil springs and shock absorbers work in concert. By adjusting the coil spring tension and positioning the trapeze and the lower link arms, the operator can fine-tune boom performance to different field conditions and spraying speeds. A hydraulic cylinder mounted on the center section, together with a hydraulic flow valve, makes it possible to easily adjust the vertical boom dampening effect.

The units come with a fixed, 120-in. suspended single axle, which the manufacturer claims allows for increased spraying capacity through higher field speeds and reduced stress on the boom, chassis, tires and axles.

The tri-fold design makes it possible to maintain a "short trailer" from hitch point to axle, allowing for tight turns in the field. Contact Hardi Inc., Dept. FIN, 1500 W. 76th St., Davenport, IA 52806, 319/386-1730 or circle 202.

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