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High-angled conveying Top Air's flighted tube conveyor has a 16-in.-wide rubber belt with 2-in. rubber flights or fingers to move grain smoothly. "I have numbers here from one of the major seed companies which says this method is less damaging to grain than even the pneumatic grain movers," says company spokesperson Paul Hill. The fingers prevent grain roll back; Hill claims that the conveyor can be cranked up to a 30ø height without any problems.

He says that a major fit for such conveyors would be in grain drying, where low grain flows can be used to move grain into a dryer. "This sort of application is a killer for the auger units," he says. "With a PTO you can control the speed, and you can bring your flow capacity way down without any problems. You just don't have that flexibility with the auger machines." Lengths range from 25 to 85 ft., in 10-ft. increments. Contact Top Air Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 729, Cedar Falls, IA 50613, 800/553-3307 or circle 204.

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