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EZ-Boom control system

Trimble says the latest product in its EZ line, the AgGPS EZ-Boom 2010, takes all the work out of spraying by automatically turning on and off up to 10 boom sections. Using GPS, the system measures speed and position of the vehicle to precisely apply spray. It will prevent high-priced overlaps and will not spray on electronically flagged areas such as waterways and terraces. An operator does not have to switch boom sections on and off manually. Plus, the system provides accurate rate control throughout the field to avoid under- and overapplication. EZ-Boom calculates the total area applied with chemicals and will subtract no-spray areas from the total.

“The EZ-Boom system automatically performs several critical functions that help save chemicals while protecting crops and the environment — and does them far more accurately than any human operator can,” says Erik Arveson, general manager, Trimble Agricultural Division. “Many growers with older spray control systems are ready to replace or upgrade them.”

The EZ-Boom 2010 automated application control system works with Trimble's EZ-Guide Plus lightbar guidance system, the EZ-Steer system and AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system. EZ-Boom also will connect to other brands of flowmeters and valves.

EZ-Boom retails for less than $2,500. Contact Trimble Agriculture Division, Dept. FIN, 10355 Westmoor Dr., Suite 100, Westminster, CO 80021, 800/865-7438, visit or, or circle 200.

High-capacity grain cart

Decrease the number of trips you make to and from the field with the new 1,800-bu. grain cart from Balzer. The new cart is equipped with a 24-in. auger that unloads the grain at a rate of 1,090 bu./min. It is designed to handle a Super B semi in one dump, according to the company. The massive wagon features an auto-trail steerable axle system for front and rear steering. The 30.5 × 32 radial tires are standard.

Price: $87,000. Contact Balzer Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 458, Mountain Lake, MN 56159, 800/795-8551, visit or, or circle 201.

Front-mount sprayer

The new 94FM (front-mount) sprayer boom from Fast Distributing will help reduce operator stress and fatigue from turning in the seat to monitor a pull-behind sprayer. The front-mounted sprayer is available in 80-, 88-, 90- and 100-ft. lengths, which may be folded into a 60-ft. position. A 1,000-gal. poly solution tank mounts in a saddle and frame to the tractor's 3-pt. hitch. The new sprayer will work on wheeled and track tractors. A 94FM sprayer with 1,000-gal. tank, Raven 450 controller and 90-ft. boom retails for about $34,000. Circle 202.

Fast's new 9500 pull-type sprayer is equipped with the new Stealth tank, available in 1,800- and 2,400-gal. capacities. The tank features a low center of gravity to improve rear road visibility and easy access to the fill well. The tank design also allows a 60- to 120-in. dual wheel option. The compact design of the tank results in a short wheelbase, which minimizes trailer drift on side hills and at headlands. Boom sizes range from 60 to 100 ft. with no-drip nozzle outlets at various spacings. Price of a 9500 model with 1,800-gal. tank and 90-ft. boom is about $36,300. Circle 203.

Contact Fast Distributing, Dept. FIN, 54859 Cty. Rd. 44, Mountain Lake, MN 56159, 800/772-9279, or visit or

Truck loader

Westfield now offers a new truck loader auger that reaches 36 ft., long enough to get into tight areas on a grain bin site. The MK100x36G auger features a 36-ft. mail tube and 9-ft. swing-away hopper. The intake hopper is 32 × 48 in. and only 12.5 in. tall for plenty of clearance.

Pricing was not set at press time. Contact Westfield Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 39, Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada R0G 1W0, 866/467-7207, visit or, or circle 204.

Self-propelled sprayer

Hagie upgraded its STS line of sprayers with Cummins Tier 3 engines and the new Automatically Controlled Engine (ACE) technology. The Tier 3 engine reduces engine noise and exhaust emissions. The ACE technology offers easy operation and fuel savings by tying the engine throttle control to the hydrostatic pump displacement. The engine has two throttle settings: idle and high. The high setting raises the engine speed near peak torque. As the hydrostatic handle is pushed forward or backward, the engine's rpm increase automatically.

The STS 16 model (pictured) boasts a larger engine — 365 hp, up from 275 hp — and a 1,600-gal. tank. It retails for $295,000. Contact Hagie Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 273, Clarion, IA 50525, 800/247-4885, visit or, or circle 205.

Self-contained auger

KSi Conveyors introduces a new auger equipped with a 9-hp Honda engine to use in the field without the need of a tractor for electricity or hydraulics. The 120832SCT auger is an 8-in. model with cleated-belt technology to gently handle bulk seed. The belt also allows steeping angles on the auger. Price: $7,200. Circle 206.

KSi also introduces a new 1610 conveyor with attached swing-away auger. This model also has the cleated-belt technology. Price: $24,000. Circle 207.

Contact KSi Conveyors Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 69, Cissna Park, IL 60924, 888/574-2668, or visit or

Tandem-axle cart

The new Brent Avalanche 1594 grain cart features an oscillating tandem axle with autosteer for easy maneuverability, minimal berming during tight turns and a smooth in-field ride. The new cart will hold 1,500 bu. of grain and unload it at 840 bu./min. through the 22-in. vertical unloading auger that pivots. This cart also will be available in a 1,250-bu. model.

Price for the 1594 model is $74,900. Contact Unverferth Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853, 800/322-6301, visit or, or circle 208.

High-efficiency planter

Kinze claims its new 3800 SDS (seed delivery system) planter boasts one of the highest efficiencies in the business. According to the company, a fully loaded 3800 SDS will plant about 260 acres of corn with just one fill and will plant nearly 1,000 acres a day. The new model is equipped with two central poly seed hoppers, each holding 55 bu. It takes just 8 min. to fill each one using bulk bags or a Probox. Two 3½-in.-dia. poly auger systems move seed to each row unit.

The SDS will work with nearly any tractor because of its low hydraulic requirement. The planters feature easy clean-out and a narrow transport width. They are available in planting widths of 60, 80 and 90 ft. Prices start at $134,647 for a 24-row, 30-in. model with mechanical seed metering. Circle 209.

Kinze also introduces the new KPM III electronic seed monitor to go with its lines of planters. The KPM III model displays population, seed spacing and planting seed data for up to 36 rows on the screen. A population bar graph displays the rows and displays average population by row for a comparison of row performance. A six-row KPM III package with magnetic distance sensor retails for $2,639. A 24-row monitor with radar distance sells for $6,240. Circle 210.

Contact Kinze Mfg. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361-0806, 319/668-1300, or visit or

Pile driver, grain auger

Brandt offers three new pieces of equipment to make grain handling easier. The new Pile Driver eliminates the hassle of moving grain that has been piled on the ground. The driver works with a grain vac to efficiently auger up 4,000 to 4,500 bu. of grain/hr. It works like a sweep to pull grain into the Maxiflow nozzle on the grain vac. The driver option for the grain vac costs $3,500. Circle 211.

Brandt also introduces a new 13-in. HP auger. The auger will operate at angles up to 40° with a 12,000-bu./hr. capacity. The auger features a 14-in. swing tube and enlarged boot area. The 1370 model with hydraulic winch and hopper mover retails for $20,000. Circle 212.

For sunflower growers, Brandt offers a new option to handle the light, oily sunflower seeds. The sunflower option is available on the 5000 grain vacs and will move the seeds into the auger and prevent them from going out the exhaust. The option costs less than $500. Circle 213.

Contact Brandt Agricultural Products, Dept. FIN, Box 317, Station Main, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P 3A1, 866/427-2638, or visit or

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