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New from Deere: Control fertilizer costs with GS2 Rate Controller

The GreenStar 2 (GS2) Rate Controller, introduced last year to offer pull-type sprayer rate control and eliminate the cab clutter of another rate control device, now offers expanded capability to control certain anhydrous amonia (NH3) and liquid fertilizer applications.

“With the new delivery system, an operator controls fertilizer application using the touch-screen GS2 display without the need of a second console in the cab,” says Kayla Reynolds, product marketing manager, John Deere AMS.

“This GS2 expansion offers four benefits to the grower,” she says.

  • Reduced input expense due to no overlap.
  • Ability to move GS2 from machine to machine to accomplish different applications at different times of the year — spreading out your product investment.
  • Use of just one display to run guidance, documentation and rate control, which reduces cab clutter.
  • Less operator fatigue and fewer mistakes because the operator needs to focus attention on one monitor/controller instead of multiple monitors.

Contact your John Deere dealer today for more information.

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