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New auger systems

The new power sweep bin auger systems from Sudenga feature a double gearbox with a heavy-duty clutch control that powers the sweep; there are no chains to adjust.

Underbin tubes come with all intermediate sumps attached and holes already cut in the tube. Sumps feature removable top flanges to accommodate uneven bin floors. High-speed systems offer same-sized sweep and underbin flights. Standard rate systems have a 2-in. smaller sweep flight. An 8-in. power sweep is rated at up to 2,400 bu./hr. and fits in bins up to 49 ft. A 10-in. sweep is rated to 3,800 bu./hr. and fits in bins of up to 72 ft. in diameter.

According to Sudenga, sectionalized sweeps allow two-pass bin unloading, helping to eliminate hazards of one-pass unloading in larger bins. Price is based on bin size. List price for an 8-in. power sweep for a 30-ft.-dia. bin is $1,959. The 10-in. sweep for a 36-ft.-dia. bin lists at $2,898. Contact Sudenga Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 8, George, IA 51237, 712/475-3301 or circle 194.

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