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New from the 3i Show

Gooseneck trailer. If you're a cattleman looking for a new multiuse trailer, check out the McElroy Company's new 31-ft. Groundloader gooseneck convertible trailer that can be pulled with a 1- to 2-ton truck. Riding on regular 16-in. wheels, the trailer needs no chute to load livestock, and it can haul equipment, too. Other features include a swinging or sliding rear gate; an interior Gotcha Gate that locks top and bottom when slammed shut; and a tongue-and-groove recycled-rubber floor. Price: $16,500. Contact The McElroy Co., Dept. FIN, Box 302, Snyder, OK 73566, 800/424-0588.

ATV add-on. Called the Ultimate Blade, this 5-ft. blade from Trail-Buster Dozer fits on any 350-cc or larger four-wheeler. Powered by the ATV's battery, a handlebar-mounted switch raises and lowers the blade. With simple pins, you can quickly change the blade angle from straight to slanted (20 in either direction). The blade is constructed from 1/4-in. steel, with a replaceable scraper bottom. A spring-loaded blade pivots when it encounters immovable objects. And, according to the company, the blade is easy to install. Price: $849. Contact Trail-Buster Dozer Inc., Dept. FIN, 272 Main, Grainfield, KS 67737, 913/ 673-4798.

Tiny tillage. For those small tillage jobs, hitch your ATV or garden tractor to the new 4-ft.-wide Quadivator deluxe cultivator. The base model is a tandem disc with a gang of 7-in. shovels. Depth is controlled electronically with the flick of a switch. Other optional accessories include 4-in. shovels, 1-ft. cultivator extension, 1 1/2-in. spikes and shank stiffeners. And to accomplish more tasks, you can add a potato hiller, potato digger, box scraper and leveler, lawn roller, lawn aerator or barbwire dispenser. Base price: $1,099. Contact Swisher Mower and Machine Co., Dept. FIN, Box 67, Warrensburg, MO 64093, 800/222-8183.

Bring home the harvest. This Canadian-built grain cart from Bourgault holds 1,100 bu. with an unload speed of 350 bu./min. A walking axle and eight flotation tires can carry a full load at 10 mph. The auger turret rotates 90 degrees in either direction and is built on a large brace to prevent side swinging that could cause turret damage. Other features include a complete clean-out system for auger and hopper, lighting package, low hopper height for better vision, wide stance for hilly conditions and a Cat. IV hitch to match the biggest 4-wd tractors. Price: $31,000. Contact Bourgault Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 1118, Minot, ND 58702, 701/852-8800.

Heavy hauling. Timpte is offering a new 42-ft. super hopper grain trailer with 66-in. sides that can hold 1,500 or 1,600 cu. Ft. of grain in a 96- or 102-in.width, respectively. It features 49-in.-wide corrugated side panels of double-wall construction, one large hopper with 27-in. ground clearance, rack and pinion trap operators, LED lights and more. And you can select from hundreds of options to customize the trailer. Price: $23,700. Contact Timpte Inc., Dept. FIN, 1827 Industrial Dr., David City, NE 68632, 402/367-3056.

Mix and feed Art's-Way just introduced its new generation SupRaMix 1000 series of three models that will hold from 425 to 710 cu. ft. New features include an extended conveyor that can discharge from either side, a screened front shield, an improved magnet slide tray, a new platform design, a relief valve for the door, axle weigh bar guarding to protect from mud, a top cone on scroll to prevent feed piling and new indicator mounts. Price: $28,000 to $53,000. Contact Arts-Way Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Hwy. 9 West, Armstrong, IA 50514-0288, 712/864-3131.

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