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For a fee of 250 dollars, you just might be able to find the best employee you've ever had. AgJobsUSA, an agricultural employment search company, can take the hassle out of finding a needed farm hand, office manager or livestock helper. (The company also lists specialists in fields such as IPM, biotechnology and equipment, or irrigation engineering.)

With the fee, the company places help wanted ads in the classified sections of 60 leading agricultural publications, and your information is put into a database. Potential employees receive a printout of the database each Friday.

Employee candidates pay a 50 dollars fee for a 60- day listing (if they are not hired, an additional 60-day listing is added free of charge). According to a recent survey by the company, 76 percent of employer respondents rated the system an 8 or higher, out of a scale of 1 to 10. Contact AgJobsUSA, Dept. FIN, Box 433, Garden City, KS 67846, 800/352-0303,

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