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FARMERS familiar with Kee Technologies' X10 and X15 models will find that its Zynx X20 is a vastly improved all-in-one precision ag control device. The new model has a super-bright color touch screen that is 70% larger than the screens of the X10 and X15, even though the actual high-impact enclosure still measures only 7.4 × 9.8 × 2.7 in. to fit easily inside the cab. New software and connection capabilities in the X20 provide cross-platform flexibility and gains in site-specific and variable-rate application.

Functions include automatic steering, satellite guidance, and up to five bin/tank one-pass variable-rate seeding/planting applications, including granular, liquid and NH3 control. The system is capable of handling up to 30 section auto-boom shutoff controls. The unit can be moved easily to a harvesting machine for collecting yield data.

Using Windows XP software, the system can create five-layer variable-rate maps with elevation maps and the flexibility to add more features. The software provides easy data transfer, including wireless networking with other X20s, digital devices and IT systems. The Zynx X20 also supports the industry standard ISO11783 CANbus, making it compatible with the existing systems on a wide range of modern machinery. Multiple connections include RS232, CANbus, USB, COM2 (configurable to RS232 or RS485), VGA, Ethernet or LAN.

A combination of software and connectivity allows real-time interaction with other digital systems or access through the Internet to allow monitoring and control from one machine to another or even to and from a farm office.

The U.S. list price for the Zynx X20 console starts at $5,665. Contact Kee USA, 27071 Mueller Place #3, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, 605/368-2330, visit or, or circle 191.

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