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Lightbar, controller updates

New software from Mid-Tech makes its Swath XL Lightbar more useful throughout the season. A point-by-point navigation program enhances the new Version 3.0 by allowing guidance in curved, straight and center-pivot swaths. The new software turns the Swath XL into a three-season tool useful for fall fertilizing, spring spraying and summer crop scouting.

Version 3.0 upgrade is free to users who purchased the Swath XL after January 1, 2002. (It was pre-loaded on units sold after February 15, 2002.) The cost is $149 for users who purchased before January 1. It is available via download at or by calling Mid-Tech Customer Service at 800/643-8324.

Mid-Tech also introduced the Legacy 6000 that combines many guidance functions into one console. The Legacy 6000 replaces the rate controller, a rugged laptop and specialized GIS software for multi-channel variable rate control. The new console controls precise application of one or more products (liquid, dry or anhydrous) on any standard vehicle such as a sprayer, seeder or planter. It also records application and exact latitude-longitude positions. Base price for the Legacy 6000 console with single-product control is $3,500. Contact Midwest Technologies Illinois, Dept. FIN, 2864 Old Rochester Rd., Springfield, IL 62703, 800/643-8324, visit or

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