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Multiply hydraulic options Get two sets of hydraulic hookups out of one tractor outlet when you use the ProMaster N2 hydraulic multiplier valve from Fasse Valves.

The unit mounts to existing SCV tractor outlets. The N2 valves have larger port sizes for faster flow (with a flow rate of 20 gpm) and sealed weatherproof connectors. Installation takes less than an hour, according to the company. Price was not available at press time. Contact Fasse Valves, Dept. FIN, Box 2348, Kearney, NE 68848, 800/345-7745.

Did you know? Reevaluate choice and pressure of tires on harvest equipment if you're modifying the machines; added weight can cause premature tire failure. Bin extensions of up to 160 bu. added to a 240-bu. bin can add 8,320 lbs. to the machine, causing tire overload.

Agclick Search for used equipment through North American Equipment Dealers Association's Web site by logging on to Search criteria include type, make, model number, age and dealer location. Equipment details include options, condition and cost. Only a few, poor-quality photos are shown of the equipment, but the information is good.

Price guide Before you buy, sell or trade a used tractor, check out the Used Tractor Price Guide from Intertec Publishing. This comprehensive reference covers models produced by more than 30 different manufacturers with detailed information about farm tractors produced from 1939 through 1999. It lists the approximate retail price of each tractor when it was new, plus a high and low range of its estimated used value. Specifications on engine size, transmission speeds, shipping weight and PTO horsepower also are given. A listing of serial numbers allows you to determine the year a tractor was built. Price: $13. Contact Intertec Publishing, Dept. FIN, Box 12901, Overland Park, KS 66282, 800/ 262-1954, www.intertec

Haul big machinery safely It weighs 18,000 lbs., yet the updated Trail-Eze Wideside machinery trailer can haul up to 60,000 lbs. of heavy machinery overall, or 30,000 lbs. on its double-drop deck platform. The Wideside features pullout 3- x 5-in. tubes set on 16-in. cross member spacings to increase width to the required 13 ft. needed for hauling combines safely and legally. The trailer features a sloping rear end to allow better clearance for tractor drawbars or for low-clearance machines. Price range: $35,000 to $40,000.

The company's TE70SA Sliding Axle trailer handles a 70,000-lb. load (distributed from front to tail). The slide axle allows the bed to tilt hydraulically to a 7_1/2 inch angle. This offers a low approach and departure angle for low-clearance machinery. Air ride suspension and hydraulic and remote winches come standard. Trailer weight is 16,500 lbs. Price range: $35,000 to $45,000. Contact Trail-Eze Trailers, Dept. FIN, Box 1188, Mitchell, SD 57301, 800/232-5682.

Clean up the air Dust- and pollen-filled days are just ahead but you can be prepared with a Wix cab air filter designed to keep tractor and loader cabs cleaner and allergen free.

A new cabin air filter can remove pollen and mold, as well as filter out exhaust fumes and dust. Air filters are installed in machinery cabs in the factory or can be added at your dealership. If you already have them installed in your cabs, now might be a good time to change them for fresh spring planting. See your dealer for installation or replacement filters. Filter prices start at $25. Contact Wix Filtration Products Div., Dana Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 1967, Gastonia, NC 28053, 704/864-6711.

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