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Faster, more accurate planting

According to AGCO, its new 8000 series White planters feature seed metering improvements that allow growers to plant a wider variety of seeds more quickly and accurately. An open-frame design provides easy access to the seed discs, which allows quick crop changes and cleanout. Extra strength added to the seed-trench opening system lets it handle larger clods and trash while maintaining constant seeding depth. Changes to planting depth from ½ to 4 in. can be made easily with the redesigned seed-depth indicator and control.

The planters come in several models, including the 8100 series single frame, 8180 series forward-fold, 8200 series wing-fold, 8300 series rear-fold, 8400 series narrow-row and rigid-frame, 8500 series flex-frame, 8600 series two-bar, 8700 series toolbar and stacker, and 8800 series central-fill planters. Prices for the 8186 range from $59,000 to $64,000, and they range from $73,000 to $76,500 for the 8523. Contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30096-2568, 800/767-3221, or circle 192.

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