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New disk
Landoll Corporation offers the 2220-DCD for farmers who want to disk-rip-disk but do not want to deep-till. The 32-in. spring clamp assemblies are set on 15-in. centers. The 2220-DCD features simple disc gang angle settings at 10°, 15° or 20°. Disc gang depth is controlled from the tractor cab. Shanks can be fitted with different ground-engaging tools such as the standard 2-in. chisel spike or 3- and 4-in. twisted shovels for additional mixing of residue.

Two sizes are available. The 2225 has single axles and is available in 7-, 9- and 11-shank sizes. The 2227 has walking tandem axles and is available in 9-, 11-, 13- and 15-shank sizes. Horsepower requirements vary according to depth and soil types.

To learn more, call 800/428-5655 or visit

Disc harrow
The new 8000 series tandem disc harrow from Krause solves the problem of transport height for large harrows. The new series features a Quad-Fold system that reduces the transport height for 36- to 38-ft. models to only 13 ft. 5 in.

The 8000 series consists of two models. The 8200 is a Class II all-purpose tandem. The 8300 is the industry’s first Class III primary tandem. Sizes range from 31 to 38 ft. in width.

The new disc harrows feature more weight per blade and a more aggressive gang angle for residue cutting, mixing and soil penetration. A new Hi-Clearance disc blade scraper system and dual scrapers at the Rock-Flex bearing mount locations are standard equipment.

For more information, call 800/957-2873 or visit

New tractor series
Farmtrac North America launches the new-generation 7-series tractors in 75- to 115-hp models. The 4-wd Farmtrac 7-series tractor line includes three open-station models at 75, 85 and 95 hp, and one 115-hp cab model. A full synchromesh, five main-speed gearbox is coupled with a mechanical shuttle reverser. The tractors have 15 forward and 15 reverse speeds. The 7115DTC comes standard with five additional forward speeds and five reverse creeper speeds. Separate PTO and transmission clutch packs help increase service life.

The company plans to launch 14 more models of open-station tractors and nine models of cab tractors to expand its product offering to more than 50 tractor models over the next two years. Learn more at

Rotary cutter
The new Schulte Industries XH1500 series 3 rotary cutter is designed to operate smoothly on rough surfaces. Tandem walking axles contribute to smoother operation. Cutter sections ride over obstructions thanks to a patent-pending, pentagon blade bolt design on ¼-in.-thick stump jumpers. The single-domed, sweep-clean deck eliminates excess weight and helps prevent debris buildup and rust on the top side of the deck. Increased frame depth and blade tip speed help keep material flowing. A low-maintenance constant velocity tractor shaft or patent-pending equal angle hitch are available options. For more information, call 800/404-6044 or visit

Flex-wing rotary cutter
Rhino introduces the Flex 20 Nitro, a 20-ft. flex-wing rotary cutter built to handle demanding cutting or shredding situations. The divider gearbox is rated at 325 hp, and the outer gearboxes are rated at 285 hp. The supersize gearboxes, massive drivelines and reinforced blade carriers combine with high blade tip speeds and a strong mainframe to give the FL20 Nitro the ability to cut grass, weeds, crop material or brush up to 4½ in. in diameter. A smooth-topped Tuff-Hide deck is designed for easy cleaning. Deck rings prevent the blades from cutting into the deck if they become bent. A special free-float, wing-cylinder lug design reduces wear on internal components of the wing cylinders.

To learn more, call 877/408-3297 or visit

Hay-handling systems
MDS Manufacturing Company offers a variety of hay- and material-handling systems including both Double-Prong and Single-Prong Bale Stabbers. The Double-Prong Bale Stabber has a 4,400-lb. lift capacity, while the Single-Prong Stabber lifts 2,200 lbs. Fully tapered tines allow for easier penetration and withdrawal. A tapered socket provides support for the spear.

The Sur-Grip Bale Grabber handles 4- to 5-ft.-dia. bales with a lift capacity up to 2,200 lbs. and is an ideal tool for stacking bales, moving bales for tub grinding or loading round bales. The bales can be handled from any direction, side or end. The arms open and close simultaneously. Hydraulic cylinder and OEM loader-mounting brackets are standard features. The Sur-Grip Bale Grabber is recommended for use only on wide front-end tractors.

Tractor attachments can be changed in 90 seconds with the MDS Sur-Lock Quik-Tach system. The fully automatic attachment system for farm-duty loaders uses a vertical, spring-loaded latch system to provide the Sur-Locking force to secure the attachments. Once the Sur-Lock has been reset, an operator can drive up and attach a pallet fork, bucket, bale stabber or other equipment. The Quik-Tach system is manufactured for more than 40 different models of tractors and loaders.

Pallet fork systems from MDS Manufacturing use industrial-grade tines for up to 5,500 lbs. of lift capacity. Booms adjust to five different lengths in 8-in. increments. All models have a standard, see-through roll guard. To learn more, call 800/658-4703 or visit

Brush crusher
Westendorf Manufacturing introduces an innovative new multiuse tool that adds fingers to the end of a tractor loader or skid steer. The Brush Crusher is a material-handling attachment that allows the operator to see and penetrate through branches or brush to reach into the bulk of the debris and position a load close to the loader’s arms. The Brush Crusher jaws operate independently of each other to aid in handling unruly or lopsided loads. Hydraulic hoses and cylinders are protected and enclosed inside the teeth to prevent hose snags and damage. One-size-fits-all quick couplers adapt the unit to a loader or skid steer by just snapping into place. The Brush Crusher will handle trees, brush, fence posts, culverts, debris, lumber, old equipment, tires and more.

To learn more, call 712/423-2762 or visit

Loader line
Westendorf Manufacturing adds two more loaders to its TA-26 line. The TA-26 Plus brings modern shape and styling plus a new bright black color and a new rotational level indicator to the line. The new loader has a 10-ft. 5-in. lift height, 72-in. bucket and 3,000-lb. lift capacity.

The TA-26 12 offers a 12-ft. lift height and rotational height indicator for full range-of-motion readings at all times. The added lift height and 3,200-lb. lift capacity make the loader ideal for handling hay.

Both new loaders have a low profile and custom-adjust brackets. A standard Hydra-Snap feature consists of a one-step, multiunit coupling manifold to keep hoses from getting mixed up after disconnecting. The full-range level indicator monitors the bucket position at multiple positions, ranging from rolled back to fully dumped. The TA-26 series features the Power Mount system, which allows the operator to hydraulically mount or remove the loader in minutes with no tools or dangerous stands. The operator can take off the bucket and change attachments without leaving the tractor seat by using the Snap Attach feature.

To learn more, call Westendorf Manufacturing at 712/423-2762 or visit

Cart lock
Yetter introduces the All Steer Sure Lock enhancement for the 2000 series All Steer high-capacity cart. The All Steer Sure Lock features a cam action locking mechanism. A one-handed pull makes it easy for one person to use. The cam action feature uses leverage to aid in unlatching the locking pin, saving time when making the switch from field use to road transport. The spring-loaded cam-lock also self-engages to ease locking. The All Steer Sure Lock retrofits to all in-service All Steer carts.

Contact Yetter Mfg. Co., Box 358, Colchester, IL 62326-0358, call 800/447-5777, or visit

Skid loader series
Gehl Company announces the new E-series skid loaders. The line of six new skid loaders ranges from the compact model 3640E with a rated operating load of 1,175 lbs. to the model 6640E with a rated operating load of 2,900 lbs. when equipped with optional counterweights. Large operator compartments have abundant head, shoulder and leg room. Rollover protection cabs have Level II falling-object protection built in for added operator safety.

Learn more about the specific models at, or contact the Gehl literature hotline at 800/628-0491.

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