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Better bales

You will get dense, uniform bales from a new baler offered by Claas. The Markant 55 baler provides a strong, dependable transmission combined with the company's well-known knotter. The new baler features quick intake of the material with closely spaced, cranked tines. Once gathered, the swath is rapidly fed to the baling chamber by double rotary feeders. The bales are formed into dense bundles by a heavy-duty ram running on roller bearings. Once formed, the twine is set on the bale and held with a knot that will hold even through bale throwing. Contact Claas of America Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 3008, Columbus, IN 47202-3008, 812/342-4441.

Cultivators for heavy residue

Head to the fields with a one-pass cultivator that features hydraulically controlled disc gangs set at an 8 cutting angle and 9-in. blade spacing. Wil-Rich is calling its redesigned unit the Disc Cultivator II. Disc gangs are mounted on 3x6 gang tubes, followed by four rows of shanks with a 24-in. under-frame clearance.

Also new is Excel series field cultivators ranging in widths from 25 to 50 ft. The frame is 12 ft. deep, has 35 in. between five ranks and 7-in. spacing for easy trash flow. The shanks are available in 120-, 145- or 240-lb. soil-penetrating point pressure. Contact Wil-Rich Div., Dept. FIN, Box 1030, Wahpeton, ND 58074, 800/688-3300.

Do-it-yourself landscraping

Do your own land scraping with the model 1250 Leon scraper. It has 13.3 cu. yd. of bucket capacity and is designed for tractors with a maximum drawbar horsepower of 375. It features a front hydraulic push ejection. The rear push-off cylinder allows materials to be ejected and leveled in one pass. The forced front ejection enables an even, smooth spread of materials, even in wet or sticky conditions. The cutting depth is hydraulically controlled and has a width cut of 81/2 ft. Contact Leon's Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 5002, Yorkton, Saskatch-ewan, Canada S3N 3Z4, 800/667-1581.

Large fertilizer toolbar A giant, double-framed fertilizer injection applicator will handle your toughest applications while accommodating a wide range of row spacings for preplant, sidedress and no-till conditions. Thurston Manufacturing is introducing the Blu-Jet AT5000 series fertilizer injection applicator. It comes in swatch widths of 321/2 ft., 421/2 ft., 471/2 ft. and 521/2 ft. It folds down to 161/2 ft. for transport.

The 6- x 6-in. double-toolbar frame features the deepest toolbar in the industry to handle heavy residue, according to the manufacturer. Giant, oversized flotation tires reduce field compaction. Contact Thurston Mfg. Co., Hwy. 87A, Thurston, NE 68062-0218, 800/658-3127.

Marks a lot

Keep wider implements on track while spraying, planting, tilling or cultivating with Yetter's new 41-ft. marker.

The new, 6150 series tri-fold marker can be adjusted to accommodate toolbars, seeders or other implements that are from 36 to 41 ft. wide. The unit features a wider mounting base that bolts onto each implement to help withstand high-speed or high-residue conditions. The marker blade angle is adjustable to match soil types and conditions so you will always have a visible mark. Contact Yetter Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 358, Colchester, IL 62326, 800/447-5777.

Cultivating advantages

The new series VI field cultivators from Kent Manufacturing offer advantages to help you cultivate your fields with more accuracy.

First, the company is now building the entire frame using 3- x 4-in. steel tubing instead of the old standard 3- x 3-in. tubing. The company says this will add strength to help the machine stay on course. Then Kent moved the unit's shanks 9 in. away from the tires for added trash clearance. A floating hitch option increases depth control, allowing the unit to better follow ground contour. Optional shanks include a spring-loaded style or a two-piece K-flex design. The series is available in sizes from 12 ft. 5 in. to 35 ft. 9 in. Price for a 24-ft. base unit: $10,900. Contact Kent Mfg. Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 126, Tipton, KS 67485, 785/373-4145.

All in one

Schlagel Manufacturing is offering a new 500 series tillage machine that, when accompanied with the company's PC-3000 tool carrier and your planter, becomes an all-in-one Till-N-Plant machine.

It is used strictly for ridge- or strip-till fields. Because it doesn't need a marking system, it has fewer shanks and is lightweight. It's available in 4- to 12-row units and as a folding or non-folding machine. Price of a non-folding, 8-row unit with 30-in. spacing: $15,760; a folding, 12-row unit with 30-in. spacing is $27,285. Contact Schlagel Mfg., Dept. FIN, RR 1, Box 155C, Torrington, WY 82240, 888/889-1504.

Advanced seeding

If you have some small or irregularly shaped fields, tackle them with Case's new 1200 series Advanced Seed Meter six-row, narrow trailing planter.

The series features a unique seed clean-out hatch for quick-and-easy changes from crop to crop. And the six-row unit offers optional granular, liquid or dry fertilizer or chemical attachments, as well as row-mounted tillage attachments. Standard is Case's Advanced Farming Systems universal display for controlling and monitoring planter functions. Contact Case Corp., Dept. FIN, 700 State St., Racine, WI 53404, 414/636-6705.

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