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Web site finds parts Imagine having access to a parts exchange offering more than 20,000 equipment parts. is expanding its services to include XSpert Shopper, a search database for all compatible parts from different manufacturers and suppliers. When a buyer enters a part number, instead of just one part being retrieved from the database, all compatible part numbers will be available. Check out

Toolbar planter The new PT-2200 pull-type, flex-center toolbar planter from Wil-Rich has three flex points in the center pull bars that let the planter hug field contours in order to maintain desired seed depth on uneven terrain. The unit is outfitted with a standard Wil-Rich hydraulic folding marker that is controlled by a 1__1/2- x 20-in. hydraulic cylinder. Contact Wil-Rich, Dept. FIN, Box 1030, Wahpeton, ND 58074, 800/ 688-3300.

Utility tractor with multiple features As the latest addition to the company's economy tractor lineup, the John Deere 990 compact utility tractor comes equipped with a variety of features. A Yanmar 40-hp diesel engine has direct fuel injection, providing quick starts and increased fuel economy. A collar shift transmission gives the user a choice of nine forward and three reverse speeds.

Standard is 2-wd, but 4-wd and standard differential lock also are available. A planetary final drive distributes the weight of rear implements over three points. Several tire options can be ordered from the factory. Base price: $15,445. Contact John Deere, Dept. FIN, Box 12217, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 800/537-8233.

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