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Scale system
A compact readout on the new Multi-Purpose Scale from Central City Scale can be bolted to the dash of a pickup cab. The multipurpose, 5,000-lb. scale system runs on 12v DC or 110v AC power. The load cells act as bolt-on feet to fit under the four corners of the unit, deck or platform. The scale system could be used in cattle-working chutes or at livestock platforms.

The complete price is less than $1,000. For more information, call Central City Scale at 308/946-3591 or visit

Manure spreader truck
The Roto-Spread 532-16 manure spreader truck features electronic scales and variable hydraulic flow control. A belt-and-push gate system with two 30-in., high-speed vertical beaters uses spinners, flighting and chisel-point kickers to give operators more precise control during application. Adjustable wings on the beater assembly allow for variable discharge widths. Two hydraulic motors drive the beater assembly. A hydraulic end gate helps control material flow rates.

To learn more, call 620/225-1142 or visit

The Immobilizer from Livestock Concepts is a compact, portable unit that produces brief electronic pulses to safely immobilize an animal. The unit makes it easier to perform a wide range of procedures, from foot trimming to dehorning. The unit comes complete with a main electronic immobilizer unit with an internal battery, a set of two clips, a 120v AC power adapter, electronic immobilizer carry strap, and storage bag.

To learn more, call 800/225-7399 or 800/738-7012 or visit www.livestock

Lactation feeding system
The INTaK Ad-Lib Lactation Feeding System from Automated Production Systems helps increase feed intake during lactation and decreases feed waste. The INTaK dispenser is designed to provide reliable feed flow by delivering a regulated amount of feed. The dispensers are easily adapted to most farrowing crates and can be retrofitted to existing stainless steel feeders.

To learn more, call 217/226-4449 or visit www.automated

Bin equipment
The Sure-Flo system from Automated Production Systems directs feed down the hopper of a feed bin rather than down the center. The gentle movement of a heavy walled, molded cone enhances flow as feed passes over it. This system helps create a first-in, first-out feed flow and helps prevent feed bridging.

To learn more, call 217/226-4449 or visit www.automated

Livestock drinker
Pride of the Farm introduces the energy-efficient, electrically heated WPO25 animal drinker. The new drinker only needs a 250W heater. Newly patented ports on the vertical wall of the valve cover allow natural water circulation and efficient heat dispersal into the drink openings. Foam-filled, double-wall construction also contributes to a reduced electricity bill. The drinker is 28½ in. wide, 41 in. long, and 34 in. tall. It has an animal capacity of approximately 250 head.

To learn more, call 319/469-4141 or visit www.hawkeye

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