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Lifting Tool

A new handheld, portable, electric power tool takes the labor out of lifting heavy objects. The PullzAll from Warn Works, a division of Warn Industries, weighs only 15 lbs. but is able to pull up to 1,000 lbs.

To use the PullzAll, you first secure it using the swiveling anchor hook. Power out up to 15 ft. of 7/32-in. wire rope and attach it to the item you want to move with the rigging hook. Then pull the trigger to begin movement and control line speed. The PullzAll's strong motor and speed control allow you to move heavy objects smoothly and precisely.

You simply push a button to change from forward to reverse motion. A brake system holds your item in place. An electronic load limiter with an LED indicator provides feedback while lifting or pulling.

The PullzAll is ideal for farm, construction, machine shop and home improvement use, among other applications. It is available as a 110v AC tool or as a cordless 24v DC unit with two rechargeable NiCd battery packs.

The corded AC version retails for $283. The cordless DC version is $440. Contact Warn Industries, Dept. FIN, 12900 S.E. Capps Rd., Clackamas, OR 97015, 800/543-9276, visit or, or circle 157.

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