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BESTWAY OFFERS a new line of Field-Pro IV sprayers with a 1,850-gal. tank to dramatically reduce fill time in the field, while increasing the number of acres covered in a day. The new larger tank has a full-length sump area designed to accept 3-in. fittings. An integral personal rinse tank and tank lid drain guard are also standard features. A 90-ft.-wide boom is made of exclusive steel and composite construction. It provides sturdy performance while weighing a fraction of all-steel booms.

An 88- to 132-in. adjustable axle guarantees proper wheel alignment. The 1,850-gal. model comes with two radial tire options. Both options run a low tire pressure that dramatically increases the size of the footprint on the ground to reduce field compaction.

Cost of the sprayer with the 1,850-gal. tank is about $40,000. Contact RHS, Dept. FIN, 2021 W. Iowa St., Hiawatha, KS 66434, 800/247-3808, visit or, or circle 194.

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