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Install your own auto-steering

An auto-steer system for both contours and straight-line driving is now available from Outback Guidance for instrallation on farm equipment. The new eDrive GPS Assisted Steering system works in conjunction with the OutbackS GPS Guidance System. The eDrive system is purchased in a kit that is specific for the tractor or sprayer model. Everything including hoses, fittings, brackets and step-by-step instructions are included in the kit for the installation. The company reports installation should take about two hours. Learning to drive with eDrive should take only 15 min. The company adds growers who already own an Outback S Guidance System will learn to drive in less time. A complete Outback eDrive kit retails for $6,499.

The Outback S base unit with look-ahead capability allows the eDrive assisted steering system excellent pass-to-pass accuracy, even in compound curves, according to the company. For more information, contact Outback Guidance, a division of RHS, at 800/247-3808, or visit

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