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Choose the right seeding system for your farm

The Precision Seeding Guide, available from Flexicoil, is filled with information to help you pick the perfect seeding system and practice for your crop and soil type.

The first section classifies equipment according to six basic styles (with no mention of brand names) and explains the best use of each style. Section two profiles farmers and their varied situations and how they get maximum yields with the proper seeding system. The third section contains worksheets that help you organize the information so you can create the best system for seeding. Contact Flexicoil, Dept. FIN, Box 3159, Minot, ND 58702, 701/858-5500 .

Know your liability

Farmers thinking of opening their properties to the public for hunting, fishing, camping or other recreational use, or even day care and U-pick operations, may first want to read Recreational Access to Private Lands: Liability Problems and Solutions. The book addresses liability issues involved in public use of private land and includes summaries of state recreational use statutes. Price: ¤18.50 plus shipping. Contact the National Center for Ag Law Research & Information, Dept. FIN, 147 Waterman Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 501/575-7646.

New web sites

Deere & Company: Find and negotiate for used equipment at www.machinefinder. com NetSeeds Inc.: Online seed corn catalog at index.html

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