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How wide can you go?

The company that brought you the energy-saving Solar Barns is building a 100-ft.-wide clear span unit, large enough to hold up to 2,000 calves. An upgrade from the 36-ft.-wide building, the barn's new design uses steel truss supports, without multiple arches and columns, to provide clear, wide-open working areas.

A 15-ml reinforced polyethylene roof is optional, and a 7-ml reinforced roof will be standard. The company built a 72,000-sq.-ft., completely automated building (shown) last year in Idaho, which the owner says has already reduced calf mortality rate by 3 to 5 percent. A free video is available from the company. Contact Solar Barns, Dept. FIN, Box 909, Richmond, VT 05477, 800/757-2276.

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