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Hopper Hammer

Here’s a new way to dislodge grain and other materials from the sides of hoppers, bins and bunkers. The Hopper Hammer is a totally enclosed, automated electromechanical device that generates discreet impacts that approximate the blow of a sledgehammer against a strike plate.

The manufacturer claims that, unlike high-frequency, low-impact vibrators, the Hopper Hammer won’t compact and stratify material. An upgrade of the old SR-A1 precipitator “rapper,” the Hopper Hammer includes a controller that lets you vary intensity (1 to 25 ft.-lbs.), duration and operating intervals. Running on 110 VAC, the new version is easy to move to problem areas as needed, or it can be hooked up in an “intelligent” system of multiple hammers that respond to devices such as level detectors, evacuation systems or alarms. Price per unit: $866. Contact AVC Specialists Inc., Box 23280, Shawnee Mission, KS 66283, 888/803-5865, or visit or

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