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Hooded spraying

If you have a unique insect or disease problem and need excellent under-leaf coverage, check out this new air-assist sprayer. The InnSector sprayer from Redball features molded plastic spray hoods with hydraulic-driven fans that create an airflow under the hoods. As a result, the plants' leaves roll around while being sprayed and receive a spray coverage on the undersides of their leaves that is much greater than what they would get from traditional broadcast sprayers.

Crops with dense canopies

The company reports its field tests produced up to 75% coverage under the leaves with the air-assist hoods. The hoods are designed to obtain good spray coverage in crops with dense canopies, such as soybeans, sugar beets and vegetable crops. According to Redball, the sprayer is ideal for growers who need to apply a fungicide. Other applications may be for unusual insect infestations or in organic farming where heavy spray coverage is necessary.


The InnSector's spray hood is constructed of one-piece plastic. It houses the impellor, which is driven by a direct- coupled hydraulic motor with beefed-up shaft seals designed for rough service.

Each hood has a spray width of 22 in. Spray nozzles are positioned below the exhaust air duct to create an even spray pattern across the entire airstream. This eliminates the dripping associated with nozzles positioned inside the hood.

The InnSector units can be run at 700 to 1,800 rpm. Most tractor hydraulics can power up to eight units. PTO-driven hydraulic pump and reservoir kits are available when tractor hydraulic capacity is not enough.

The InnSector units may be purchased individually or as complete units. List price for each unit is $850. For more information, contact Redball at 877/332-2551,

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