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High-performing grain drills

Great Plains introduces several new drills, including a precision model, a no-till air drill and a standard drill.

The 10HD Precision grain drill is available in 15-, 20- and 25-ft. widths. The drill uses a Precision Planting finger pickup meter to singulate corn and a SingulatorPlus meter to singulate milo and soybeans. Cereal grains are metered by volume through this same system. The unit is equipped with a rugged 10HD row unit with 15-in. x 4-ml.-thick planter blades for good trash clearance. Prices range from $18,108 to $46,744, depending on unit size, row spacing and options.

The new 10HD feeder cup drill also is available in 15-, 20- and 25-ft. widths and with a 15-in. x 4-ml.-thick planter blade. It is equipped with a fluted feed-metering system on row spacings of 6, 71Ž2 and 10 in. Prices range from $18,773 to $47,056, depending on unit size, row spacing and options.

The new Great Plains no-till air drill, model 3N-4010HDA, uses the 10HD series opener on a special no-till frame. The planter-style blades provide trash clearance and penetration and up to 500 lbs. of down force per row unit. The new model uses a floating tongue to follow ground contours, while the parallel linkage on the openers provide more than 10 in. of vertical travel. Wing flex is 12 in. A Dickey-John IntelliAg display monitor displays a number of functions. Prices range from $84,905 to $101,558.

The new 40-ft. CTA4000HD drill features the new 00HD row unit that combines precise seed placement with dependability. It is designed to be paired with a new Great Plains 220-bu. air cart or the 350-bu. cart for top performance. The drill¹s features include cast blade separators that protect the planter-style seed tubes to ensure accurate seed placement. Prices range from $60,247 to $75,753, depending on the unit¹s row spacing.

The new 350-bu. air cart comes in a pull-behind model (ADC2350B) and a pull-between model (ADC2350). The pull-behind model may be used on Great Plains minimum-till and no-till implements. It features a semi-mounted cart-to-implement design that lets it float behind the air cart. It also shortens the overall length of the implement by up to 15 ft., offering good maneuverability. The pull-behind model works with the 4010HDA implement. Both models are equipped with an 8-in. auger to load and unload the hoppers. A Dickey-John IntelliAg system controls all variable-rate and seed-monitoring functions. The ADC2350B model costs $53,792, and the ADC2350 costs $43,286.

For more information, contact Great Plains Mfg., Dept. FIN, 1525 E. North St., Salina, KS 67401, 785/823-3276,

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