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High-performance tractor battery

Optima Batteries Inc. claims that its maintenance-free batteries are the preferred power source of the U.S. military, off-road racers, and boating and performance auto enthusiasts. It now has designed a lead-acid battery — called Group 31 YellowTop — specifically for agricultural and industrial equipment.

Other than its colorful appearance, the Optima battery differs from traditional batteries with a “six-pack” design that holds six compressed spiral-wound cells. This configuration immobilizes the chemical reaction that goes on inside a battery, resulting in a more efficient, powerful reaction, which in turn allows for more consistent power for longer periods of time. Optima claims the battery offers up to 15 times the vibration resistance and up to twice the cycle life of traditional batteries. It also has a slower self-discharge rate, meaning equipment can sit unused for longer periods of time without the need to recharge. The Optima YellowTop Group 31 produces 1,125 cranking amps and 900 cold cranking amps.

This heavy-duty battery tips the scales at 59 lbs. Buying one will lighten your wallet by $160 to $180, depending on your choice of retailer. For more information, visit

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