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REDBALL IS ABLE to offer lower prices on its new model 580 high-clearance trailer sprayer by standardizing features on each sprayer model, according to Steve Claussen, Redball president.

The feature-rich standard configuration on the 580 Value Line sprayer includes a 1,600-gal. tank with a long, sloping, deep sump. The new sprayer also features a 60-, 66-, 80-, 88- or 90-ft., front-folding center-pivot boom. A hitch-to-axle-center length of just more than 16 ft. helps maximize maneuverability. Other standard features include a 100-gal. clean-water rinse tank, a 15-gal. fresh-water safety tank, a quick-fill solution and fresh-water rinse tanks. A Raven 450-speed compensating controller is also standard.

Price of the 580 sprayer with a 90-ft. boom is around $28,500. Contact Redball LLC, Dept. FIN, Box 159, Benson, MN 56215, 877/332-2551, visit or, or circle 180.

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