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High-Capacity Sprayer

The new Field-Pro IV-1000 Bestway sprayer offers an economical way for farmers to apply their own chemicals and reduce costs per acre. The sprayer features a 1,000-gal. tank and 60-ft. boom. It covers up to 60 acres/hr. while still being small enough to maneuver in tight spaces, according to Pat Meenen, president of Bestway Sprayer, a division of RHS.

The sprayer boom features a dual breakaway system to protect it from damage and dual parallel lift arms for control and stability. A hydraulic controller lifts and folds the wings, and a toggle switch moves the boom. The chemical induction system allows for both liquid and dry materials to be sprayed. A parallel linkage mounting system lets the unit be lowered for ground-level loading and raised for crop clearance.

Price: $28,000 to $30,000. Contact Bestway at RHS, Dept. FIN, 2021 West Iowa St., Hiawatha, KS 66434, 877/390-4480, visit or, or circle 176.

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