Combine herbicide decisions

Combine herbicide decisions

As harvest continues at a rapid pace, that time on the combine should also be spent surveying fields to determine your 2011 weed control program.

“Now is the perfect time to evaluate what weed species were not controlled with your current herbicide program,” says Aaron Hager, Extension weed science specialist at the University of Illinois.

Weeds like waterhemp, giant ragweed and lambsquarters can be identified during harvest, and appropriate new modes of action, including a preemergence program, can be included next spring.

“Multiple modes of action on specific weed species, especially those that are glyphosate tolerant, can help provide more complete season-long weed control,” Hager says.

The addition of a preemergence herbicide to complement a postemergence program has gained in popularity as producers look for additional flexibility in their weed control options, combat glyphosate-resistant weeds, and ensure control of yield-robbing early weed competition.

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