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2,4-D in SmartStax

STACKED TRAIT options will continue to grow as shown by Dow AgroSciences' latest announcement that it plans to stack its 2,4-D tolerance trait with SmartStax for a launch in 2013. The company has submitted the 2,4-D trait, called DHT1, for approval; it could be on the market by 2012.

“We think 2,4-D with glyphosate will give growers convenience and flexibility to keep a good weed-control program in corn,” reports Tom Wiltrout, Dow AgroSciences strategy leader of global seeds, traits and oils.

The new Dow AgroSciences trait provides tolerance to broadleaf phenoxy auxin products such as 2,4-D and grass “fop” herbicides. The new trait also provides more flexibility for use of 2,4-D. It will allow planting immediately after application, rather than after the delays required under current labels.

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