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Row-independent Head

MEASURING 30 FT. in width, the new Orbis 900 row-independent head by Claas of America will harvest 12 30-in. rows of corn for high-capacity forage harvesting. (See It is designed to work with Claas 980 or 970 Jaguar forage harvesters.

“This head was needed to get the maximum capacity out of our machines, which deliver up to 860 hp,” says Bob Armstrong, product marketing manager, Claas of America. Due to its unique configuration, crop flows straight into the opening of the head in a smooth, continuous fashion to ensure as few bends as possible for high-quality feed. As wide as it is, it still folds flat into a narrow configuration for transport with the Jaguar, thereby eliminating the need to detach it and transport it on a trailer.

Suggested list price: $148,000. Contact Claas of America, Dept. FIN, 8401 S. 132nd St., Omaha, NE 68138, 402/861-1000, visit or, or circle 151.

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