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New silage bagger for better compaction and mobility

New silage bagger for better compaction and mobility

The new Track-Pack silage bagger allows for greater mobility and ease of use.

Forage making has come full circle with Pacbag’s new Track-Pack machine. This multi-midsize silage bagger (10-, 12- or 14-foot tunnel) with hydraulic drive and track system instead of tires allows for excellent compaction, easier mobility and simpler operation. Powered by the 375 Cat engine, the excavator tracks (padded or not) not only provide better stability and drivability on any type of terrain, but remove the need for any other compaction system.

To create better sightlines, the newly designed cab is located on the left side of the machine. The frame is also narrower to allow for closely laid bags, and the tunnel is redesigned to make hanging the bag easier.

Due to the hydraulic drive, the system runs at 95% efficiency, ensuring the rotor has increased power. This drive system removes the planetary, clutch and belts.

Another feature eliminates the need for a low bed to haul your bagger. A removable fifth wheel hitch with removable air ride transport wheels that fold over the tracks when the machine is in bagging mode allow the Track-Pack to be towed at highway speeds. When in transport position, it is 8 feet 6 inches wide. For more information go to

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