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New options on windrowers

The New Holland SP windrowers get two new options for increased productivity: an 18-ft. disc header and a windrower crop merger.

The 770HD disc header has 14 discs that provide 18 ft. of cutting width. Headers now feature the new MowMax modular disc cutterbar design for durability and ease of service. MowMax cutterbars are equipped with ShockPRO hubs that protect the internal cutterbar driveline from shock loads caused by impact with a foreign object. If a ShockPro hub fails, it can be replaced in less than 10 min.

The SP Windrow Crop Merger has an in-cab control of all merger functions, an adjustable position deflector and high lift capacity.

Price of a 770HD header is $34,000. The SP Windrow Crop Merger is $10,000. For more information, visit your New Holland dealer.

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