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“Hasta la vista” tank foam

Agriliance says its new product, Foaminator, is the first dry antifoaming agent that works as well as a liquid. And in the long run, it may work even better. The 30% active ingredient dry formulation eliminates cold-weather storage problems associated with liquid antifoamers. When liquid products freeze, they separate. Even with vigorous shaking, it can be difficult to get them back into homogenous suspensions. Foaminator is unaffected by freezing temperatures, has a shelf life that is longer than that of liquid products, and remains free flowing in humid conditions.

Foaminator controls excessive foaming but does not interact with the active ingredients in spray-tank mixtures. It can be added to tanks through inductors or over the top and is packaged in easy-to-use, 8-oz. shaker containers. At the recommended rate of one or two shakes, the product will cost between $0.45 and $0.95/100 gal. For more information, contact your local Agriliance dealer or visit

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