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Growth spurt

AT THREE recent farm shows, New Holland unveiled two new series of higher-horsepower tractors and a new mulch-till ripper designed for the Midwest row-crop market. The tractors are upsized versions of previous offerings to meet the productivity demands of corn and soybean farms that are growing in size.

TG series row-crop tractors

Four years after introducing the TG series row-crop tractor, the blue-line equipment maker unveils a higher-horsepower replacement called the TG series II. “The TG series maxed out at 240 PTO hp,” says Robert Hendrix, sales manager for New Holland. “The new tractors give more horsepower to meet farmers' increased power requirements.”

New Holland's series consists of four models ranging from 175 to 255 PTO hp. The tractors feature up to a 56% torque rise and a power growth of up to 44 hp for heavy tillage, disking and ripping jobs. Power comes from a 6-cyl., turbocharged, 8.3-liter New Holland engine with a new common-rail fuel injection system designed to meet current emission standards.

Tractor controls have been integrated into the armrests, and all instrumentation is at eye level on the right A-post. A new ISO color monitor called IntelliView II lets the driver control any implement and run auto-guided steering from one monitor.

Suggested list price: $137,000 to $190,000. Circle 217.

TJ series II tractors

New Holland's new 4-wd series consists of six models ranging from 280 to 530 hp. The tractors feature up to 54-hp power growth and 40% torque rise to be able to pull bigger, heavier implements in tough conditions. A new 6-cyl. engine meets Tier 3 emissions standards.

The tractors come in three frame sizes to match engine horsepower requirements. Sizes include a row-crop chassis version for 30-in. rows; a larger chassis and high-capacity chassis versions for heavy-duty agricultural use; and heavy-duty scraper models equipped and weighted for scraping, grading, leveling and earthmoving.

A new feature called AutoShift comes standard on all powershift models to minimize manual shifting during field and road operations. Like the TG series II, the TJ series II is available with factory-installed IntelliSteer assisted steering.

Suggested list price: $153,000 to $280,000. Circle 218.

Bigger tillage tool

New Holland also introduces a new combination disk ripper and leveler designed to be more rugged than the ST770 it replaces. The mainframe was stretched 8 in. to increase clearance by the lead shanks. The disc section features increased rank between the front and rear discs, heavier C-spring hangers for additional residue clearance, and larger 24-in. blades. It comes in a five- or seven-shank version with automatic reset or shear bolt shank mounts.

Suggested list price: $31,500 to $47,000. Circle 219. For more information, contact New Holland at 888/290-7377,

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