Unverferth unveils 2,000-bu. Brent grain cart

Unverferth unveils 2,000-bu. Brent grain cart

Unverferth Manufacturing introduces a 2,000-bu. Brent grain cart. The model 2096 Avalanche cart features an unloading speed up to 1,000 bu./min. and a pistol-grip, remote-control auger. The new grain cart is designed for the high-acreage crop farmer who needs high-volume capacities and rapid unloading speeds.

The Avalanche features a drivetrain design that combines a belt-driven, 20-in.-dia. floor auger with a heavy-duty, direct-drive 90° gearbox. The vertical auger is 24 in. in diameter and pivots up and down. The multidirectional downspout is operated with the remote control.

The Avalanche 2096 is available with tracks or steerable in-line tandem wheels. A hydraulically cushioned tongue helps smooth the ride and reduce drawbar stress. A Weatherguard tarp comes standard to protect loads. Hydraulic brakes are optional for the steerable tandem. Side- and rear-mounted cameras also may be purchased to connect to a monitor in the tractor cab.

Price of the 2096 Avalanche with steerable in-line tandem is $130,000. For more information, visit www.brentequip.com.



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