Test grain moisture on-the-go

Test grain moisture on-the-go

The new GT-3000 Grain Moisture Tester from John Deere offers a simple and easy-to-use system for grain moisture testing.

John Deere has launched a new product for testing grain moisture on the go. Whether it’s used during harvest or after the crop is in storage, the hand-held GT-3000 Grain Moisture Tester can monitor the moisture and weight of 20 different types of grain.

The device is easy to carry around, and it can also measure the temperature of grain in storage from 40 to 120 degrees F. A USB port allows for easy software updating and data transfer to a computer. The carrying case is heavy-duty, and the device also features a backlit LCD display to view data easily.

John Deere says the tester will hold more than 40 different grain calibrations, which is more than competitive models. Plus, it will automatically average either three, six or nine sample readings. The device measures grain moisture from 5% to 45%.

The GT-3000 Grain Moisture Tester’s suggested retail price is $531.67. For more information, visit johndeere.com.

Editor’s note: This product appeared as the Good Buy in the December issue of Farm Industry News.

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