Pneumatic grain convey system from Sioux Steel

Pneumatic grain convey system from Sioux Steel

The new Grain Push System from Sioux Steel will pneumatically convey grain from a batch dryer into storage on a bin site. The system is designed to move low volumes of grain from where the dry grain exits the dryer into a storage structure. It also will move grain to and from trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, railcars, bunkers and feed bins.

Growers can easily move the Grain Push System with its fork-lift base to other grain transfer sites. It is easy to install and is powerful, according to the company.

The system works by having an electric motor spin a blower to create suction at the inlet and an air pressure stream at the outlet. The air pressure is piped from the blower to a rotating airlock where the grain enters the air stream without allowing air to escape. As the grain enters the air stream, it is blown via the piping into the grain structure.

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