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Now available: “Feterl Original” augers

Feterl augers are back. In May Buhler Industries opened the doors of its new manufacturing facility (formerly Feterl Manufacturing) in Salem, SD. Buhler purchased Feterl’s assets in February. The white-auger maker filed for Chapter 11 at the end of 2008. Lines re-opened in April, and full production is under way at the Salem plant under the brand name Farm King.

Augers made at the Salem plant will be co-branded “Feterl Original” and produced in two colors: Farm King red and the well-known Feterl white. Replacement parts also will be produced at the plant.

Marketing manager Adam Reid says the acquisition has allowed Buhler Industries to expand its Farm King line to include the 122-ft. augers for which Feterl is known. “Everything we build in southern Manitoba is geared toward farmers with up to 1,500 acres, whereas augers produced in Salem are geared toward large-acre growers and commercial operations such as co-ops,” Reid says.

The company may use the plant to make other grain-handling equipment as well, such as grain cleaners, Reid adds.

For more information, contact your local Farm King dealer or visit

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