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New Storage Bags

New polyethylene grain storage bags from Delta Grain Bag Systems allow producers to temporarily store harvested grain for an average cost of $0.07/bu.

A specially designed bag-filling machine can be used from the combine or grain cart to load up to 7,000 bu. of grain/hr. An auger empties and rolls up the bag at speeds of up to 7,000 bu./hr.

Bill Harrell, president of Delta Grain Bag Systems, says grain bags offer several advantages, including storing grain where harvest is taking place. “Grain can be freighted after harvest, freeing up time during that critical harvest window,” Harrell says. “Its flexibility allows you to use grain bags when you need them, especially during a bumper harvest. And you eliminate the cost of permanent on-farm storage systems.”

A recent study conducted by Texas A&M researchers showed that grain stored in bags for five months did not change in quality. “Last year, we had a significant increase in corn acreage and a greater need for storage,” says Steven Biles, Texas A&M Extension agent. “A major reason for grain bagging is that constructing grain tanks is time-consuming and expensive. And grain bagging lessens the need for trucks at harvest, because you don’t have to stop combining because you are waiting on trucks hauling grain to the elevators.”

Suggested retail prices are $18,000 for the bagger and $29,500 for the extractor. The one-time-use bags are 9 ft. in diameter and come in lengths of 200 ft. (with a capacity of 8,000 bu. of corn) and 250 ft. (with a 10,000-bu. capacity of corn). Costs for the bag start at $700. Contact Delta Grain Bag Systems, Dept. FIN, Box 164, Monette, AR 72447, 870/926-6238,

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