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New GrainVacs

The GrainVac 2700 and GrainVac 3700 from Rem Enterprises offer an alternative for grain movement. Faster than most augers, the 2700 can move 1,500 bu./hr. (bin clean-out) up to as much as 6,000 bu./hr. (bin loading). Additional advantages include through-the-door bin access for clean-up, less dust production, and an optional collection system for grain dust and fines. GrainVacs also provide an economical alternative to replacing 6- and 8-in. augers under older grain bins.

The 2700 Rem GrainVac retails for $23,500, and the higher-capacity 3700 Rem GrainVac retails for $36,750. Contact Rem Enterprises, Dept. FIN, Box 1207, Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 3X4, Canada, 800/667-7420,

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