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GrainVac 7500 HP

BOONE, IOWA – Brandt Agricultural Products is setting a new standard for grain-handling equipment with the unveiling of the new GrainVac 7500 HP, a revolutionary leap forward in speed, lower horsepower requirements and absolute ease of use.

“The 7500 HP is the fastest and simplest way for busy grain growers to empty a bin and get their grain on the road,” says Dave Norheim, U.S. Sales Manager for Brandt.

The GrainVac 7500 HP didn’t happen by accident. Over 77 years in the agriculture equipment business, Brandt has worked to continuously improve the ability of farmers to work faster and smarter.

“We are incredibly proud of the 7500 HP. It surpasses what is currently available to growers by providing unparalleled grain-moving capacity in a tool that is both simple and versatile,” says Norheim.

Here’s what he’s talking about:

  • High capacity – the 7500 HP is capable of up to 8,000 bushels per hour (in wheat at full bin with straight hose).
  • Low horsepower needs – maximum grain movement with only 120 HP. This allows growers to match the 7500 HP with popular mid-sized tractors.
  • Maximum efficiency – exclusive cone separator technology uses no moving parts to direct the grain into the auger or air into the fan. No adjustments, crop to crop.
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance – the centrifugal fan design has a much lower replacement cost than “blower” style pumps. Convenient fan access, minimal grease points and easy auger tube access for quick cleanouts.
  • Longer life – double blade fan that lasts twice as long as previous design, advanced synthetic bushings, new rubber mounted middle flight to reduce stress on bearings and a replaceable upper tube.
  • Industry-leading productivity – growers benefit from an innovative shovel design, hoses that require less effort to move and an adjustable T-handle that adapts to the height of any operator.

“The 7500 HP is hard to put into one category,” explains Norheim, “Often, growers will take a first look at it for the incredible speed and capacity, but it’s pretty hard to ignore how simple this machine makes it to empty a bin.” And that makes the new GrainVac 7500 HP an easy choice for farmers who want to work smarter and faster to get crops on their way.

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. manufactures spraying equipment, heavy harrows, and the most complete line of grain-handling equipment on the market. Founded in 1932, the company’s promise is to build farm equipment that is engineered for performance and durability.

For more information, contact Dave Norheim, U.S. Sales Manager, Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd., at 701/240-0433 or [email protected].

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