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Grain Auger Steering Made Easy

Central City, NE – Because large grain augers and conveyors are harder to maneuver, the new Auger Steer makes auger steering and positioning easy. The Auger Steer, distributed by Central City Scale, Inc., and manufactured by Triple Steer Manufacturing, Ltd, installs as an add-on kit for axles. It allows the axle and whatever it supports to be fully steered from the tractor cab with a set of steering knuckles activated by a new hydraulic cylinder.

Auger Steer can install on either an auger or conveyor with fixed wheels. Installation takes about an hour. The kit includes a steering knuckle for each wheel. The wheel comes off, a 9-in. knuckle is bolted on, and the wheel is replaced. A small hydraulic cylinder is fitted against the axle and connected to each knuckle. New hoses are extended to the hydraulic remotes at the back of the tractor. Hydraulic pressure enables existing control levers or switches in the cab to turn the wheels left or right. The kit has an optional divider valve or “splitter box” so that two functions can be done with one remote outlet.

For safety, it has a check valve that stops the cylinder from moving if it loses pressure. Adaptable, it comes in sizes and fittings for most makes of augers.

For more information on this product and Central City Scale’s full line of agricultural scales, including livestock, seed, and multipurpose scales, call Central City Scale, Inc., at 308/946-3591 or visit them on the Web at

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