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Free-span grain bins

COMMERCIAL-SIZE, FREE-SPAN grain bins are available from Sukup Manufacturing Company, Sheffield, IA. The company recently erected a bin in Arthur, IA, that will hold 1,218,000 bu. of grain. The huge bin is 135 ft. in diameter with a peak height of 131 ft.

The new Sukup free-span bin features a roof that is strong enough to stand on its own without a center support structure. As a result, there is no loss in capacity that a center support system creates and no additional points where grain can collect. The 135-ft. roof is supported by a heavy-duty internal rafter and purlin system as well as external roof rings. The roof is rated for 30,000 lbs. Sidewall sheet seams are laminated, and grade 8.2 bolts are used throughout.

For more information, call Sukup Mfg. Co. at 641/892-4222 or visit

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