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Brandt’s grain bag loader

Brandt’s 2610 GBL grain bag loader can load 26,000 bu./hr. into a 10-ft. bag up to 30 ft. long. The loader allows you to store grain in yards, fields or on other land, wherever you choose to load up the bags. The loader has an 8- x 8-ft. hopper that can be loaded from either side or both sides simultaneously. A 17-in. auger in the hopper keeps grain moving through quickly.

The grain bag loader requires 50 to 80 hp and can be loaded directly from combines, grain carts or trucks using Brandt’s optional HP truck unloading auger.

Listed at $26,175, the 2610 GBL comes with a standard electrical lift to help make installation of grain bags easy. For more information, call Brandt at 866/427-2638 or visit

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