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In the bag

New Polyethylene grain storage bags allow producers to temporarily store harvested grain for an average cost of $0.07/bu.

A specially designed bag-filling machine can be used from the combine or grain cart to load up to 7,000 bu. of grain/hr. An auger empties and rolls up the bag at speeds of up to 7,000 bu./hr.

Suggested retail prices are $18,000 for the bagger and $29,500 for the extractor. The one-time-use bags are 9 ft. in diameter and come in lengths of 200 ft. (with a capacity of 8,000 bu. of corn) and 250 ft. (with a 10,000-bu. capacity). Price of the bag starts at $700. Contact Delta Grain Bag Systems, Dept. FIN, Box 164, Monette, AR 72447, 870/926-6238, visit, or circle 151.

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