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GPS Steering

AutoFarm introduces a GPS tracking system that provides increased application accuracy and repeatability at 3 in. The company says the RighTrac allows operators to increase their accuracy while guaranteeing exact application in the same spot every year.

The GPS system is easily installed in most any brand of new or used farming equipment. The roof module is easily transferable between vehicles, and the visual display is designed to fit in any cab.

Tom Morgan, vice president of marketing for AutoFarm, believes the RighTrac will save producers money by providing more accuracy in the field. “Typical savings from GPS steering systems are around 5% of input costs due to decreased fuel use as well as reduction in chemical and fertilizer use,” Morgan says.

The price of the RighTrac is $16,500. For more information, contact AutoFarm, Dept. FIN, 1350 Willow Rd., Suite 202, Menlo Park, CA 94025, 877/947-7327, or

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