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Good-bye gearshift

Tired of shifting gears on your field tractors? Check out John Deere's new Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT). The new user-friendly transmission is available on several tractors that Deere introduced in August. Deere unveiled the tractors and the stepless transmission technology in a sneak preview to the media. Editors who drove the tractors with IVT found them as easy to handle as cars with automatic transmissions.

Deere also expanded its utility tractor line and added several new models in its 95- to 125-hp range. These tractors will be manufactured in the Deere plant in Mannheim, Germany.

No shifting, clutching

A single lever controls speed with the IVT technology to eliminate all shifting and clutching. An operator sets two working speeds from a creeper mode of 164 ft./hr. to 25 mph. The tractor manages the rest, including optimum fuel efficiency for different work applications.

A left-hand reverser includes a new PowerZero setting, which holds the tractor and load in position without braking. The tractor will not roll regardless of engine rpm or slope. Move the reverser out of PowerZero and the tractor automatically resumes the preset speed. The reverser also puts the tractor in power reverse, park lock and a free-rolling neutral.

The IVT is available on Deere's 7320, 7420 and 7520 tractors and as an option on the 6420, 7710 and 7810.

New body styling

During its late-summer introduction, Deere unveiled its new 7020 series tractors, ranging from 95 to 125 PTO hp. The tractors feature a redesigned body with a sloping front hood that tilts open for easy engine access.

Deere equipped the new models with its new PowerQuad Plus transmission and a left-hand reverser. The transmission is designed for field and loader work as well as transport. The tractors run from 19 to 25 mph for transport speeds and may be equipped with a creeper option. Deere also designed the line to meet new federal emissions regulations.

Customers may choose a cab with hydraulic suspension that keeps the cab level. They also may opt for the cab with a CommandArm and IVT.

The new models are the 7220 with 95 PTO hp, 7320 with 105 PTO hp, 7420 with 115 PTO hp, and 7520 with 125 PTO hp.

Expanded utility line

Building on its line of smaller tractors that it introduced a year ago, Deere adds four models to its utility tractor line. The 6015 series uses a full-frame design with PowerTech engines, wet clutch, common body styling and easy-opening hood. The tractors may be purchased with a 2-wd front axle with new single-integral cylinder or mechanical front wheel drive with limited slip differential.

The new models are equipped with a Comfort Vantage cab that includes two doors, overhead air conditioning and right-hand side controls. Customers also may opt for open station models.

The models in this series are the 6215 with 72 PTO hp, 6415 with 85 PTO hp, 6615 with 95 PTO hp, and 6715 with 105 PTO hp.

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