Monsanto enters into agreements with MANA, Valent, Bayer CropScience

Monsanto enters into agreements with MANA, Valent, Bayer CropScience

MANA agreement

Monsanto is licensing the Roundup Ready Plus trademark for use with select products from Makhteshim Agan Group (MANA), a company that offers branded off-patent crop protection products. MANA states that using glyphosate with MANA’s off-patent molecules will provide multiple modes of action to combat weeds and the risk of developing weed resistance.

Valent agreement

Monsanto will license its Roundup Ready Plus weed management trademarks for use with Valent herbicides such as Valor XLT, Gangster and Fierce. Monsanto says its Roundup Ready Plus platform will provide effective and sustainable weed control benefits for farmers who follow the recommendations. Financial incentives are included. Valent’s products are key elements of the platform.

Bayer, Monsanto combine seed treatments

Bayer CropScience announced an exclusive agreement on the use of its Poncho/Votivo seed treatment with Monsanto’s Acceleron seed treatment for corn. Poncho/Votivo seed treatment combines a popular corn seed-applied insecticide with nematode protection. Votivo contains bacteria that live and grow with roots to protect against nematodes. Monsanto says its Acceleron seed treatment offers improved plant stands and health. 

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