New white mold fungicide from MANA Crop Protection

New white mold fungicide from MANA Crop Protection


EPA has approved a new MANA Crop Protection fungicide for control of challenging soybean fungi like white mold. Incognito 4.5F may be used on soybeans as well as numerous other crops. The active ingredient thiophanate methyl in Incognito will manage several diseases, including white mold, frog eye, leaf spot, brown rot blossom, blight, scab, gray mold anthracnose, powdery mildew, leaf spot and rusts.

White mold is a big problem for soybean growers, especially in years with cool, wet springs. The registration of Incognito 4.5F will give growers another product to combat the mold. MANA recommends a use rate of 15 to 20 oz./acre for white mold disease control. For more information, visit

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