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New fungicide for soybeans

The EPA granted Cheminova a federal registration of the active ingredient flutriafol for use on soybeans and apples. Cheminova will sell the fungicide under the brand name Topguard.

“This is the first new fungicide that the EPA has registered since January 2008,” saysMartin Petersen, president and CEO of Cheminova and president of the ANZAC Region. He says that the active ingredient flutriafol provides farmers with a new disease control option. “[It’s] a fungicide with both curative and preventive activity, one that doesn’t cause green stems in soybeans, is very effective on major diseases, and is highly systemic,” Peterson says.

For more information, contact Cheminova, Dept. FIN, Box 110566, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 919/474-6600,

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