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Fracture compacted soil

The new Smart-Till implement is designed to fracture compacted soil up to 8 in. deep so water and air will penetrate. Manufactured by HCC Inc., the Smart-Till will handle compacted soils in pasture, forage and other no-till field environments. Its tines are spaced every 7½ in. and will enter with 400 lbs. of downward force per foot of implement width. The tine gangs may be adjusted to fit the crop and soil.

HCC's Smart-Till is available in 10-, 15- and 20-ft.-wide models, all available with an optional rotary harrow attachment. Suggested list prices are $20,100 for a 10-ft. unit with harrow and $30,150 for a 15-ft. unit with harrow. Contact HCC Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 952, Mendota, IL 61342, 815/539-9371, ext. 348, visit or, or circle 158.

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